Biker League a one-stop solution for all biker needs

Biker League is a paradise for bikers to shop for accessories. They have a beautiful easy to use Android and iOS apps used by customers to shop for all bike needs. Both Android and iOS versions have a video conferencing solution which helps users to see the live status of their bike service.

Biker League has unique designs and features which took advantage of how the app functions. To know more about how we did it, check out the link below.

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Need To Know How The Magic Happens?

At Tart Labs, we use modern techniques to develop native iOS apps. We are not just a mobile app development company; we are the Tech Co-Founders for your startup. We always like to stick with you from the beginning of your idea phase and help you scale to great heights. For every app development, we follow the process.

UI / UX Design

Once Tart Lab's product team finishes the requirements, the design team pitches in to create high-quality design clickable prototypes.


With the clickable prototype, Tart Labs development team converts the beautiful design to highly maintainable code. With effective Swift practices, user's expectations get fulfilled.


Tart Labs always follows the continuous deployment approach; we will be able to deliver rapidly, thus helping us to reduce the risks involved and increases transparency to our development process.

Why Choose Tart Labs for iOS App Development?

Technology Expertise

From choosing the techstack to the app deployment process Tart Labs, picks the best in class technology to cater to the needs of the demanding iOS applications. Every app is unique, so our strong development team adds a unique feel to each app by not resuing the codebase from a different app.

Security & Confidentiality

From safeguarding your idea by signing an NDA to the security of the codebase, and your apps Tart Labs has everything covered. Tough layers of security protect all cloud servers and storage. For medical application, we follow all HIPAA compliance to protect privacy.

Battle Tested Apps

Every single iPhone or iPad app that gets developed in Tart Labs goes through vigorous testing at every stage of the development process. Once it is out in the world, it just works its magic!

Varied Industry Experience

Tart Labs has experience in developing apps for a variety of use cases ranging from real-time analytics, geo-tagging, route matching, video & live streaming, etc. We have worked with clients in finance, education, healthcare, m-commerce, e-commerce, social media, automobiles, analytics, and human resources. Name any Industry and Tar Labs has helped at least one client. Thus giving us extensive knowledge in all the aspects of your business.

Integrated UI & UX

Ever since the beginning of Tart Labs, we carefully put UI and UX in front than the development. A good concept with a poorly executed UX is a total failure. At Tart Labs, we make sure that every app that gets developed receives its credit by perfecting the UI & UX.

Agile Approach

For better management, we always deploy agile methodologies. Agile not only reducing the wastage of resources. It also helps clients to provide feedback at every stage of the application. We deliver continuously at every step to ensure the founder's vision is on track. Tart Labs, a leading iPhone app development agency is a veteran in continuous app delivery and client satisfaction.

Flexible Operating Models

Tart Labs meets every client's unique needs by providing a wide variety of engagement models. Some of our proven working modes include Fixed Time Fixed Price, Time and Material and Build, Operate and Transfer for our clients to choose.

Apps For All Screens

We not only develop apps for iPhones. Tart Labs is the best app development agency for iPhones, iPad, MacOS and WatchOS. Any requirement that comes in won't miss the unique treatment that it requires.

Want some help?

We have a full suite of development services for all kinds of software demands. If you want some help selecting which one is right for you, book a call with us!